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This project Online Library Management System has 2 kind of logins an Student & Admin(Librarian) . An student can see every one of the books or accessible books, sort the rundown of books look through a book utilizing any parameters. The Librarian furthermore can Issue a book, Return a book or Add another book to the list,here including of books is made simpler with the assistance of google book API. He can create logins for the students  and in addition can also issue library cards to them.Camera module is co-ordinated to catch student pic for the library card.

There is also a front end (HomePage) provided where every students (No Login) can see each book that are accessible in the library right now(Available/Not Available) and can choose to visit it or not.There is likewise a module where any signed in student can request for any books he or his class needs.There is additionally a sms and email module include so as the librarian can push notices to them. Page to manage fines is additionally given to the Librarian.This website is build  on a JavaScript framework  called AngularJS and actualizes the greater part of the key highlights alongside PHP WordPress Framework.

You can tweak it to your preferences.

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Login Details

Admin Login : admin 123456
Student Login : [email protected] 9876543210


online library management system


online library management system

Other Settings

online library management system

Add Books

Here just you have to input the ISBN nos rest is filled in automatically even the image.

online library management system

View All Books

online library management system

Deactivate Books (If Lost)

The numbers shown (it’s the book id) needs to be written behind each books.Since its used to identify each books.No barcode feature is used since it can increase overall cost.

online library management system

Manage Courses

online library management system

Manage Years

online library management system

Profile Updating

online library management system

Add Students

Camera module integrated into it.Default password would be the phone number.

online library management system

Manage Students

online library management system

Print Library Card

Just a introvert person 😀

online library management system

Issue Books

online library management system

View All Issued Books

online library management system

Change Password

Return Books

Sms Sending

View All Archive Books Issued Records

Request New Book (Student Panel)

He creates a new request for the book and provide details.Other student can like his request if certain nos of people like this request then librarian can may be accept the request.

View All Requested Books (Librarian Panel)

He can either approve or dissaprove the request

Institution Setups (Librarian Panel)

Front Page

These are all the list of books that are available in the library.If Any books goes out of stock then status (All Issued) will be shown to the students.He can also see a preview of these books via(Google Book Api)

Manage Fines

College project for cse student,mca students,bsc-it students,bca students,be students,computer students can modify and use this software.Blackbook for library managment system can be found on the above given website.online library management system