LMS Source Code In Php Download


Lets dive in ,

This project Online Library Management System is build keeping in mind to ease the librarian job of issuing and managing books in the system. An student can see every one of the books or access books, sort the rundown of books look through a book utilizing any parameters

He can himself issue a book [we call it a fast checkout] , & the librarian has to just approve the request.

The Librarian User can furthermore can Issue a book, Return a book or Add another book to the list,here adding of books is made simpler with the assistance of google book API and open book api as well as amazon API. People who want to create a affiliate link to sell out book they can use this feature.

He can create logins for the students  and in addition can also issue library cards to them.He can upload images or the student themselves can create logins for themselves and upload his pic and proof themselves , which the admin has to approve of.

There is also a front end (HomePage) provided where every students (No Login Required) can see each book that are accessible in the library right now(Available/Not Available) and can choose to visit it or not , Shelf nos is provided at the top so he could easily find the book in the library.

Page to manage fines is additionally given to the Librarian/Admin , completely integrated with paypal is done here , so the user could directly pay his fine online and we can also issue a refund if required from our admin panel.


This website is build  on Laravel .

We also have a wordpress code as well for people who would like to stick to only wordpress code. That code has very less functionality compared to the laravel code.

You can choose either from the 2 code?

1st is build as a wordpress theme . Installation is simple just have to upload the theme file and everything is done. Demo can be found here : https://wordpress.library-management.com/

2nd is build on Laravel. This has many feature .Installation is similar to WordPress. You just have to extract the code and set the admin and db details , that is it. Demo can be found here : https://library-management.com/

Can i install this in wordpress?

Nope you couldn’t but you can install this parallely , u just have to create a sub-domain and link it in ur wordpress like show below . Follow these steps to have it installed : Show me Installation Settings

You can tweak it to your preferences.

Demo Link You can visit and try the system for your self


Login Details

Admin Login : [email protected] 12345678
Student Login : [email protected] 12345678

Login (visit library-management.com)



Here basically you can see how many books has been given and received per month and weekly basis. Also you can view which book is the most issued book in the system

Add Books

Here just you have to input the ISBN nos rest is filled in automatically even the image is fetched and linked to the system.


Basic Issuing Of Books

Put in the user name or his id then the book id no and select the return date then you can issue the book.


Barcode Issuing Of Books

Point you barcode to output the scanned book id into the box shown below after all the books are scanned you have to click on add to cart button then the system issue the book to the particular user

User Themselves Issuing Of Books

First the user open the book which he has picked from the system checks the book id that is behind the book then adds the selected book to the cart like show below then the request is basically sent to the admin/librarian

The below show is how the request is shown to the admin/librarian

He/She has to check if the user has picked the right book id as shown then he can click on the check button to issue the book . This way the user can send multiple book request and we can accept it . Thus saving time of both the user and the librarian

View All Books

Below shown is the list of all books present in the system. We can manage books here.


Add Students

Below shown is the form where you will be adding and creating new user account

User Can Also Register themselfves

Manage Students

You can active deactive user , Import users


Print Library Card

Your Profile


Return Books

Select the return date and return the book to the system, Admin has also the option to mark the book as damaged,lost. The system will keep the record of the user who has lost/damaged the book so you could identify him later


Front Page

These are all the list of books that are available in the library.If Any books goes out of stock then status (All Issued) will be shown to the students.He can also see a preview of these books via(Google Book Api)



Role Management



Who all can use this system?

People who want a simple yet major feature for their library can use this system.

Student to showcase this as a college project , but make sure you go through all the form ;D ,you know what i mean or if this is too complicated you can try our wordpress version which is basically written in plain php code with some wordpress code in it. That a basic users with php knowledge can understand. For this you can visit this link to try the code : https://wordpress.library-management.com/  

And do watch the below video to get what all forms and functionality this is having.